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Blog trauma and attachment: Body – Mind – Cognition

Magnesium & Stress

By orthomolecular therapist Tanja de Swart from Magnesium is a mineral involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions/processes in the body. In addition, magnesium is nicknamed the “anti-stress mineral”, but why? Many studies now show a relationship between stress and magnesium. Not only does your magnesium requirement increase in times of stress, but your susceptibility [...]

King Cortex

King Cortex: the left hemisphere. The part of the brain that only knows what you're telling it, is concerned with securing the future and categorizing everything into right or wrong, yes or no... The need for certainty and security, but also the psychology that has driven us to the idea of ​​“I think, therefore I [...]

How the survival system can take you over completely

When you go into 'survival mode', stress hormones are produced, especially Cortisol and Adrenaline. But what do these hormones actually do? We don't know everything about the brain yet, but thanks to modern techniques, quite specific studies can be done to clearify. Cortisol This hormone has the result that it shuts down the Hippocampus. A [...]


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